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Are you passionate about food, greenhouses and optimizing growth processes? Do you want to work with top-notch technology to provide clean and healthy food in a developing country? Do you want to immerse yourself in the local culture of Vietnam?

If so, we have an exciting internship opportunity for you. Join Royal HaskoningDHV Vietnam and Orlar Vietnam and contribute to the development of sustainable food production. You will have the opportunity to develop your research skills, gain expertise while contributing to a meaningful project. Take this chance and let’s enhance society together!

What will you do?

During a period of 4 months*, you will prepare your research plan, collect data in a newly developed and constructed greenhouse in Long An (Vietnam) and write your research. You will collaborate with the Orlar team to collect data and define the research. You're expected to handle the research on your own, guided by the technical and horticultural expertise of the Orlar team.

The Greenhouse in Long An is the first greenhouse in a tropical area to produce non-tropical organic food while using minimal energy for cooling or producing greenhouse gases. The greenhouse is a demonstration version, based on the existing technology of the Orlar greenhouse in Da Lat. The technology is founded by Orlar and the project is supported by Dutch Investors. Royal HaskoningDHV is the project consultant for Orlar.

For the demonstration greenhouse, Orlar is looking for horticulture data regarding growing conditions and growth cycle of plants. Therefore, you will:

  1. Harvest and record yield of individual plants 
  2. Take camera images to assess growth of plants
  3. Use thermal camera images to assess plant stress
  4. Collect soil, air quality and other environmental data
  5. Analyse all data
  6. Record observation regarding plant growth or health
  7. Other tasks as reasonably assigned by your direct supervisors

*Due to visa restrictions, the intern can work 3 months in Vietnam. Research plan and research paper have to be written in the Netherlands. You will highly likely start your internship with a two week of presence in the Netherlands office to get acquainted with the RHDHV organisation and network.

What you bring

  • Student at a University of applied science in the field of (international) agriculture / biology or related education. Successfully finished the first 3 years at your institute
  • Experience with data gathering and field research, preferably in Greenhouses
  • Experience with database management
  • Passion for plants and agriculture, and ability to handle inclement weather including buggy conditions and hot, cold and wet weather
  • Fluent in English
  • Curiosity to learn about the Vietnamese culture
  • Adequate personal health insurance that also covers traveling abroad (liability & accident insurance is covered by RHDHV)

Where you will work

Active in Vietnam since 1985 and established in 1993, HaskoningDHV Vietnam is a 100% foreign invested company of Royal HaskoningDHV and recognized as one of the most prominent leading engineering and consultancy firms with a unique track record of key projects in Vietnam and SE Asia. With offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and nearly 200 employees, HaskoningDHV Vietnam has carried out numerous projects for the private and public sector, comprising the full scope of engineering and consultancy services for Industrial projects, Maritime & Waterways, Water Management and Real Estate projects.

Orlar’s mission has always been to make contaminant-free organic produce accessible. For countries like Vietnam, where the environment has suffered from decades of contamination and pollution, our ability to produce clean fruits and vegetables in a way that minimizes costs fills an overwhelming need. In building our first full-scale facility in Da Lat, we are ensuring that pure food is within reach of all those concerned with their health and wellbeing.

Grown in our own Australian organic certified rock, all Orlar produce is free of contaminants and pollutants commonly found in Asia. Using our vertical growing process, which uses 95% less energy than hydroponics, we grow produce that has net negative greenhouse gas emissions, poses no threat of nutrient or pesticide pollution, and allows 100% water-use efficiency. Not only do you and your family get the cleanest food possible, but you also reduce your carbon footprint, resulting in a positive environmental impact.

Founded in 2014 in Brisbane, Australia, Orlar has dedicated itself to making clean food accessible. Founders Amanda Cornelissen and Dr. Lyndal Hugo set their eyes on Asia, where decades of industrialization and poor agricultural practices polluted and contaminated the soil in which food is grown.

What do we offer?

  • Join the transition to deliver clean food to a growing population
  • Discover the top-knowledge technology in the food producing industry
  • Understanding horticulture: Learn about nutrient and environmental requirements, transplanting, diagnosing, and treating pests and diseases organically, and propagation
  • Experience day-to-day operations in a fast-growing greenhouse start-up
  • A unique experience to work in a foreign country. Experience the local culture, you will work with ethnic minorities
  • Opportunity to travel in Vietnam once the assignment is finished (own costs and responsibility)
  • Allowance: €350 per month Applied Science students, €450 per month University students
  • Housing and travel expenses paid

This internship is open to NL students, EEU students and non-EU students studying in the Netherlands. Document requirements may vary by nationality. Applicants must be eligible to apply for a VISA in Vietnam.

Are you our new intern?

Are you interested? Then we would like to meet you! Apply now by sending in your English CV using the button below. If you have questions, reach out to Lieke van der Sanden ([email protected]).

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